You will be graded on your written work, your oral participation, and the depth of your research. .
Rubric for Spring 2012

Rubric Not for Spring 2012:
Criteria || Poor (1) || Adequate (2) || Good (3) || Exemplary (4) || Score ||
Speech is logically organized and presents the major arguments in a compelling manner.

Depth of research
Students used a variety of high quality resources and incorporated documents and news.

Students documented sources appropriately in the written product.

Participation in discussion and costume
Contributions were meaningful, thoughtful, and appropriate. Students will also be assessed based on frequency of input.

Group work,
productivity, and
Work displays evidence of collaboration. Students worked effectively as a team incorporating the talents of all members.

Notes on others groups' speeches
Notes reflect the major arguments of each group without copying verbatim.

Character representation
Student faithfully represented character's views in speech, discussions, and written work.

Students developed a resolution & partition plan (map) reflecting your party's perspective.

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